Hey guys! I am Hinali. I hail from India, which is a huge part of me, and I have been living in the United States for about 10 yrs now so I am a merger of both countries. I have lived in a couple different states while my time in the States but currently I am in New York City. I am a city girl and architecture of the city inspires me. That directly relates to me being an architecture student who is passionate about cities and how they affect people psycologically. I am inspired by understanding how people transform their environments to make it their own which is out of the designers control.  

My other passions include fashion – in the most basic way which is through styling from your closet, art – I am an oil painter and I love to paint potraits, travel – I recently came back from my trip to Spain (again!), and literature – in the sense of reading a lot of books and writing through inspiration. You can say that the creative side is more prevalent in me. Also, just to keep my creative spirits going, I started a podcast with a friend called 12 ounces (on SoundCloud), that tells a story about our cultures and the issues that we face as immigrants in United States. Dont worry, its not sad, it is quirky and full of stories. 

These projects for me are a way to bring together all my passions and they give me a chance to write and talk about what inspires me and keeps me going.

I hope you enjoy our blog and please comment and like if this connects to you!




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